Friday, February 20, 2009

Phenom Phen - Street Signs...???

Ok, this post is a question that goes out to anyone that's ever been to this city. Where in the world are the street signs? I'm not sure if they forgot to give me my decoder glasses along with my tourist visa, but I seriously have no clue if the streets are labeled in some way and I just haven't been able to figure it out...? Obviously, this lack of street signage is awesome for a person like me who has zero sense of direction to begin with! Jenn and I were actually talking about how the GPS software for Cambodia is rated poorly, and, well, now I can understand why!

On another note, I just had a rad coffee with sweetened consensed milk. I think I stumbled into the restaurant in a mall where the rich Camboidans hang out (yes, they exist). The experience was comical.


  1. Saleema, how long will you be traveling for?

  2. Hey ld - i fly back on mMarch 21st. Can't wait to hear about your China plans!