Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back to Cambodia

For my last week I've decided to be a bit bougie. I stayed in a $40 / night hotel called Funky Hut on the island of Ko Chang and it was literally like paradise. A secluded private beach where all you can hear is the waves, amazing service, and really nice owners who treat you like family. It was a treat to have a fancy room and 5-star service for only $40 a night! I had 1 mellow day to recover from my 24 hr journey to the island, 1 day of exploring the other coast of the island that is more developed than where I stayed, and 1 day of awesome snorkeling (though I got sea sick). I took a day long boat trip out to some islands that are about 18 k away from Ko Chang. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs so the wildlife was plentiful. I ended up hanging out with some of the diving instructors from the boat trip and had an adventurous night of a huge tropical rainstorm with the loudest thunder and lightening that I have ever heard. Very cool. Anyway, I left the island on Wed. to make my way back to Phenom Phen in Cambodia. I had to stay a night in the border town of Ko Kong, Cambodia, last night which was a bit sketchy (as all border towns are, I think) and made it back to PP this afternoon. I'm staying in another fancy place here for $40 night. A boutique hotel owned by a French couple called Blue Lime. It is tre swanky and so nice to have a pool in this hot city. Fly home on Saturday morning! Ekk!

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  1. ohhh i tried to stay at Blue Lime but they were full. Make sure you get a massage (or 3) before you leave!